In its ground form talc / steatite has a large variety of industrial applications. It is used in many manufacturing industries that include

Paint Industry

• Reinforces the paint films by preventing sagging
• Prevents the settling of solids to the bottom of the container
• Contributes minimum abrasion to the process & applicator

Cosmetic Industry

Used in a number of applications including colored make-up, dermopadediatric preparation & talcum powder

Paper Industry

• Increases the retention of fillers and opacity
• Controls pitch globules

Rubber Industry

Used as a filler
• Provides insulation required in the cable industry
• Acts as a dusting and anti blocking agent

Ceramic Industry

Used in whiteware bodies, electrical porcelain, high frequency insulators, tiles and kiln furniture

Textile Industry

both as 'loading and bleaching material such as cotton sacks, cordage, rope and string

Plastic Industry

Used as a filler
•Improves chemical & heat resistance, impact, strength and dimensional stability

Insecticides Industry

• Used as a filler
• It gives base to Insecticides chemical for making Insecticides Powder

Pharmaceutical Industry

Used as a filler
• It gives smoothness and Size to Tablet

Detergent Industry

• Used as a filler
• It gives base and shape to Detergent Soap

Polishing to Pulses

• Used as a Polishing to pulses also it prevent them from Insecticides

Talcum Powder

• Used as a basic Raw Material
• It gives base to Perfume and other Cosmetic
We manufacture as per requirement and specification of above all type of industries.